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Chinese Corner Activity

Comming to the free event to improving your Chinese speaking by disucssing chinese culture with native speaker.

July 27, Saturday
2:30 – 4:30pm

CONTACTS: 571-320-2003


Asian Community Service Center (ACSC)’s is a nonprofit organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Center serves communities in Virginia, Washington DC and Maryland.

It’s mission is to preserve and promote traditional Asian cultures and Asian value; encourage cultural exchange; embrace diversity; enhance the health and wellbeing of all people in our communities; promote universal ideals of freedom, integrity, compassion, tolerance, justice and cross-group reconciliation; and to extend the moral advancement of society.

The Center’s objectives are to enhance cultural exchange and mutual understanding between East and West, and to serve as a link between Asian American and mainstream American communities in the Greater Washington DC. The Center hosts and supports a wide variety of events including cultural, educational, mass media, social services and other activities to achieve its objectives.

大华府亚裔社区服务中心 大华府亚裔社区服务中心 (ACSC) 是一个在美国费吉尼亚注册的联邦非盈利组织,服务大华府地区,包括费吉尼亚、华盛顿DC和马里兰的亚裔社区和一般公众。中心欢迎捐助(抵税)、欢迎合作、欢迎支持与参与。




Chinese New Year Festival:  ACSC organizes Chinese New Year Festival every year during Chinese Lunar New Year Time.
For more information, visit

Performance: Dance, Instrument …

Free workshop and Culture Education: The ethical values and principles derived from the traditional Chinese culture helped create 5,000-years of splendor in Chinese history. Many of them are still helpful to the modern people. We offer free lectures to any interested organizations. The presentation currently offered is “The Renaissance of Traditional Chinese Culture and Shen Yun’s Artistry.” Read More

Exhibition: Asian culture, craft, teaching handmade craft, Calligraphy. Chinese Corner: This monthly activity is for those who want to learn and practice Chinese language.

Wellness: Health Workshop, Health Fair, Free meditation teaching

Chinese New Year Festival 2024, Feb. 24th, Saturday


“I Commend the Valuable contribution of the Asian Community Service Center and its supporters who work tirelessly to provide such opportunities for all citizens. As a token of recognition of your service as well as the many contributions that you make to the community, I am honored to present you with this Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition.”

———–Gerald E. Connolly, Congressman at 11th District, VA

award from Bolling Air Force

This Certificate of appreciation is presented to Asian Community Service Center for outstanding support and dedication to the 2008 11th Wing Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Festival.

————-Bolling Air Force Base, Washington DC

award Winchester Homes

2007 Community Service Award Winner from Winchester Homes


With your generous donation, we can provide better service to enrich our community

Asian Community Service Center is a non-profit organization with 501(c) (3) status and all donations are tax deductible. 
Tax ID:  # 26-0409177

Contributions are critical to fulfilling our mission and enrich the local communities. Your generous donation:

• Makes it possible for us to bring you Asian traditional performances and arts exhibits

• Enables us to conduct Asian traditional wellness classes and health seminars and workshop.

• Helps us continue Chinese Corner for people to practice their Chinese

• Allows us to host the only public Chinese New Year Festival in Fairfax every year.

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Asian Community Service Center
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